Artist Statement

Statement of Content

Jill Ziccardi’s work seeks to give voice to alternative realities about how women are seen in public and private life. The “characters” in her paintings examine different brands of gender identity but do not apologize for their bold sexuality, kitschy domesticity, girliness and above all, self-consciousness; they want to own it all.

Ziccardi’s lush and imagined habitats reference the artist’s domain; the Hudson Valley landscape; local plants, fruit orchards, and the like, but her images are inspired by men’s slang language, that often dictates her female protagonists… who always embody contemporary girl power- ready to defend and reclaim their title with strength and sassiness. However, more recently, the artist has begun satirizing male-inspired protagonists in her symbolic domestic and bucolic settings, as well. Often mocking past and present stereotypes with humor and irony, Ziccardi’s images remind us of the source of these existing archetypes, and ask us question our associations.

Statement of Technique

“I use upholstery fabric as a canvas for my paintings and choose each fabric specifically to inform the subject of the image. However, I manipulate the fabric significantly by painting out parts of the pattern, other times- showcasing it. In addition, I use rubber and foam stamps to add my own pattern to the image. The fabric usually serves as the figure-ground of the painting but other times the subject of the painting is the only area where the fabric remains. My paintings continue to the outside edge of the frame, which are ornamented with objects that relate to the subject/s. In the end, fabric, paint, stamping and “frame” become an integrated, seamless object.”

November 2022